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enough to ultimately cause a partial failure of the attach fitting.

I should have been more suspicious of the vibration coming from the repaired wing. Once I ground looped my Great Lakes and slightly dragged a wing. Externally there appeared to be no damage. The paint on the wing was barely scrapped. On internal inspection, however, I discovered that the solid 1” x 3 1/2” trailing spar was broken.

If you view the wing as a 13 foot lever it is obvious that a sharp force on the win: tip is multiplied significantly at the wing root. In flight conditions this magnitude of load can’t occur, but it will certainly occur if the wing strikes a stationary object, such as the ground or a tree, while the plane is in motion. There is this virtually no way to design any aircraft wing to withstand these tremendous loads. Therefore Fisher Flying Products, Inc. mandates that if such a wing dragging incident happens to any FP-1O1 that a new wing be constructed and fitted to the aircraft prior to further flight. This remedy may seem somewhat extreme, but our object is to pro- vide safe, fun flying to all FP-101 owners.

If you have any questions concerning this requirement, please give me a call.