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Safety Bulletin #4
July 6, 1984

Ref: FP-101 & FP-202 aircraft equipped with Kawasaki 440 A & B engines.

We have recently received two customer reports stating that the ignition coil mounting bracket had broken due to vibration, allowing the coil to separate from the engine, and resulting in the engine quiting. No further damage resulted in either incident.

A similar incident, involving a factory test aircraft, has also occured, resulting in a forced landing with no damage to the aircraft.

While these are isolated incidents, precautions should be taken immediately to avoid a reoccurance.

Either of the two following remedies is acceptable.

1. Remove the coil from the engine and remount at the firewall by running bolts directly through the firewall. In this case, ground wires must be installed between the coil and the engine.

Leave the coil in its present position, and run an addition-
al heavy ground wire from the coil mount bolt to an appropriate ground point on the engine. In this case, if the coil mount bracket were to break, the ground circuit will be maintained, and the engine will continue to run.

We strongly recommend that one of these repairs be accomplished before further flight.