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land there! most any conventional aircraft has adequate pilot protection built in (including the FP-101) if the aircraft touches down in a landing attitude. When you have rolled to a stop, you can start considering why the engine quit and forget airspeed, not before.

At Fisher Flying Products we have received some recent reports of incidents and at least one accident involving the FP-101. The purpose of this advisory is to try to be of some help in this area because we are concerned with the safety of our customers. At least one of these reports concerned a loss of elevator control on landing and the inability of the pilot to flare the aircraft for landing. The result was a crash with very serious injury to the pilot. I have attempted to duplicate a condition where control loss is experienced with our test aircraft and have been totally unable to do so, except when the aircraft is flown at less than minimum control speed!! I am aware that some who will receive this advisory already know what we have discussed here because you are rated, experienced pilots, and because what we have noted here is as old as aircraft themselves. To you I can only say a little review wonít hurt!! To others, there will be some new material here, and to these this advisory is directed!! If there is one paragraph in this advisory that is new to you or that you donít understand, do not fly again until you have received enough dual instruction from a certified flight instructor to make that information perfectly clear!

In conclusion, I believe the FP-101 and the new FP-202 to be very safe, stable aircraft, that are a pure pleasure to fly when built and rigged according to specification, and when flown by a pilot with a good working knowledge of basic airmanship. This opinion is the result of a lot of flying in these aircraft and over 4000 flying hours in all types to compare with. We will continue to test and to work toward an even better product. I sincerely invite your comments, good or bad, on the information contained here. Please address me at Fisher Flying Products.

Gene C. Head
Chief Pilot