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PURPOSE: To inform those who are building and soon will be flying the Fisher FP-101 concerning the flight characteristics of this aircraft. Also included is some very important information on the proper rigging of the aircraft.

The FP-101 has been in flight test since the first prototype air- craft was built. Factory aircraft have been flown on occasion by different pilots with Varying degrees of experience. The aircraft is also flown on a regular basis by Factory Test Pilots, the test flight program being an ongoing, continuous process, aimed at learn- ing all we can about this aircraft, and making changes, where improvement will result, with the ultimate goal of providing the best flying, safest aircraft possible.

The purchaser, however, must be aware at all times that this is, in all respects, an airplane . Even though it is an ultralight by regulation, the FP-101 functions and responds to control input exactly the same as any conventional, single engine light aircraft you choose to compare it with. The only notable exception to this being that the speed range of the FP-101 is much narrower than the average light aircraft - i.e. there is only about 18 m.p.h. difference between high cruise speed and the slowest speed at which the aircraft should be flown, and only about 30 m.p.h. difference between high cruise and stall speed. This is characteristic of ultralight aircraft in general.

The FP-1O1 has been proven to be a very gentle, very strong, for- giving airplane, but because it is an airplane, it is imperative that no one elect to teach yourself to fly in this aircraft. If you are considering this - Donít Do it ! Get at least enough dual instruction from a qualified instructor to be competent to solo an aircraft before attempting to fly your FP-101 or any other ultralight.

The following is a list of items that must be taken into account in the construction stage of your FP-1O1 and before any attempt is made to fly the aircraft.

Center of Gravity Location.
The C.G. point on your FP-1O1 is the rear landing gear attach
fitting. The center of gravity is determined by balancing the aircraft at this point with the fuel tank empty and the pilot on board and all other equipment used in flight installed. The air- craft should balance fore and aft on this point with the pilot
sitting upright in the flight position with his feet on the rudder